Just another hole in the wall!


I’ve always been fascinated about those dingy restaurants that stand in the middle of nowhere, with an interior similar to the setting of Stephen King’s short story “You know they got a hell of a band”. I’m the kind of tourist that would skip on famous attractions and tourist spots, and would rather hang out at a dive with the locals.


Dinning at Riely House restaurant -Greenfield, IN. Fresh soups, salads, pork chops and homemade pies!

The golden arches nauseates me! When I travel, I enjoy dinning at family owned restaurants. They might not be the cleanest, and they definitely do not offer a dollar menu, but you won’t know what you’re missing on until you visit one of those hole in the wall kind of restaurants.

When I was in Bahrain -the county I’m originally from-,  I enjoyed fine dinning -which means spending $50+ for a meal for one-, but my favorite spots were those small Indian and Thai places. Mai Thai, located on Budyia road, was a weekly hang out spot for my friends and I. Authentic Thai food and great South African wine for $4 per glass, you can’t beat that! It sat next to a Chinese place but the Thai restaurant offered more of a comfy environment turning us into “regulars”.

When I moved to Indiana in the Spring of 2011, it was hard to find a restaurant that wasn’t Wendy’s or White Castle. It took a lot of searching, exploring and guts to find a family owned restaurant. Most of those places are usually ran by family members, and are frequented by regulars that think of the place as their own. But I think I fit in very nicely!

The search for another hole in the wall in Indiana shall continue!